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Chaoyang Li plateau by the capacitance-type lithium-ion battery orders

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Before the National Day holiday, Chaoyang Li plateau company new energy the Shenyang Brilliance, Anhui Ankai two auto companies a total of 12 million yuan capacitive-type lithium-ion battery pack orders, the total order company's 228V/120AH battery pack and a 650 V/480AH battery 34group, which is a capacitance-type lithium-ion battery for the first time into the batch to enter the market, marking the Chaoyang Li plateau new energy company to enter a new stage of rapid development of.

Chaoyang Li plateau energy companies use their own technology to produce capacitive-type lithium-ion battery, combines the advantages of ultracapacitors and lithium-ion battery, has a long cycle life, high power density, fast charging, low internal resistance, wide temperature adaptability, safety performance six significant feature, upgrading of traditional lithium battery products. Since the advent of the product by industry-wide concern. Shenyang Brilliance, Anhui Ankai two major car company after years of testing the company's products, satisfied with the trial began bulk purchases.

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