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Hina takeover of U.S. solar cell business

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U.S. media said, Hina Holdings Group, a private company based in Beijing January 9 announced that it has completed the acquisitions of MiaSolé, based in Santa Clara, California, United States production of thin-film solar cell modules, with 100 employees.

According to the website of the United States, "New York Times" reported on January 9, the Li River Jun, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the company at a press conference did not mention the acquisition price. However, the the said acquisition price is approximately the MiaSolé Board initially out of the $ 1.2 billion price 1/10.

The solar panel industry this winter is likely to face serious problems of overcapacity and prices plummeted, but this did not prevent the construction of a hydroelectric dam in China M & Western manufacturers of the two solar technology field. Previously, the Han in September last year the acquisition of a subsidiary of the insolvent German PV companies Q Cells's production of thin film solar cell modules.

Reported that the two acquisitions allow Han to a series of patents to spend hundreds of millions of dollars in venture capital investment in R & D can be bought at a low price.

The thin-film solar cell module compared with conventional solar panels, to use a more specific material. However, the weight of the thin film solar cell module to be much lighter and therefore easier to install in locations unable to support the latter weight. Support thin-film solar technology also believes that this technology updates, and so improve the photoelectric conversion efficiency is still potential to be tapped, and for ordinary solar panels have been developed for decades, the potential of this development may not exist.

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