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Japan intends to integrate the lithium battery industry has maintained a leading science and technology

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Lithium car battery can provide power for laptops, cell phones and even cars and other products, according to Agence France-Presse reported on January 25 that the Japanese officials and the public funds - industrial innovation agency intends to begin integration of the lithium battery industry in Japan, in order to keep the country in the forefront of science and technologyleading-edge technology.

At present, INCJ being coordinated by Sony and automotive energy cooperation negotiations. Negotiated, will Sony's lithium battery industry a majority stake was sold to the automotive energy company, INCJ will also hold a certain proportion of the shares of the new combined company. If the talks broke down, INCJ also looking for other Japanese giants as Sony to achieve cooperation.

In accordance with the plan of INCJ (Innovation Network Corporation of Japan), Japan Sony Energy Devices Corporation or Nissan and NEC joint venture - Automotive Energy Supply Company mergers and acquisitions. According to reports, INCJ through mergers and acquisitions, to protect Japanese companies to create a leading technology in Japanese companies and South Korean companies compete for increasingly intense.

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